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Add a Voucher

Take control with bloo vouchers! A great way to drive new business. And for a limited time, your voucher will get home page exposure!

These vouchers can be easily added, edited or deleted through your toolbox once you have signed up. Once you have entered the information our system will build the voucher right in front of you, with watermarked expiry dates and all. Wonderful you say...

Yes... but bloo vouchers truly gives you a sense of control, knowing that you change them at anytime and also knowing that you can easily see if a voucher has expired so that you can choose whether you honour it or not. Add one for FREE today!


  • Does it cost anything to have a voucher?
    • No, you can list a voucher against your FREE business listing if you want. No cost whatsoever. Just start counting the customers so we can twist your arm to start advertising with us eventually.

  • Can I change it once it's live?
    • Yes, you can login at anytime and edit, delete or just set the voucher as inactive.

  • What happens when the voucher expires?
    • bloo will automatically drop it off the site.

  • Will I be notified before it gets removed from the site?
    • Yes, bloo will notify you 6 days before your voucher expires. If your voucher is set for less than 6 days, then you will receive a notification 24 hours before expiry.

  • How many vouchers can I have against my listing?
    • You can only have one voucher against your listing at any point in time.

  • Can I set a limit on how many are printed off?
    • Unfortunately you cannot set a limit. However, the expiry date is watermarked on the voucher itself to avoid any individuals trying to use your voucher once it has expired.

  • What is a customised offer?
    • Bloo sets a simple character limit for you to put a customised offer in your voucher. This offer might be something similar to "bottle of wine FREE" rather than the typical 25% off or $100 off.

  • Is it viewable on your mobile?
    • Yes. Bloo has an iphone application and also a mobile site. The Vouchers are available on both of these devices... No need to Print - save the Trees!