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Perth's best burgers

If you're looking for a delicious burger in the Perth area, you're in luck! Perth has some of the best burger joints around, with restaurants that focus on the freshest ingredients, free-range meats and locally grown produce. Not only can you enjoy a tasty burger, but Perth prides itself on restaurants that are friendly and casual, with great drink menus and sides that will make anyone want to stay and relax. Don't worry, we've got the best burger joints right here, where you can get the most bang for your buck!

Jus Burgers

When you're looking for a fresh burger, Jus Burgers is the place to go! All of the meat, game and poultry are sourced from WA, and the foods are seasoned with salt and pepper. With no additives and the very best meat selections, one can indulge in Jus Burgers without feeling guilty. And while quality between two buns is the focal point of the burger joint, you can also enjoy a variety of hamburger options, including wagyu beef, lamb, kangaroo and fish. And for those who choose not to eat meat, there are vegan, chickpea and pumpkin burgers to eat. Even better: Quality doesn't mean high cost in this case, so you can eat healthy and still have a small tab.

The Burger Bistro

With delicious burgers, salted chips and a liquor licence, The Burger Bistro has plenty to offer the burger lover. Burgers are served on New Norcia spelt sourdough or can be ordered breadless with a salad instead. The restaurant is focused on preparing burgers "the way they should be", which means nothing but quality meat and a few spices. With slightly pink centres, the burgers absorb the natural juices and flavors of the meat. The Burger Bistro uses Angus beef patties, with aged cheeses, crisp pickles and the freshest lettuce and tomatoes.

Tony Roma's

With a cosy atmosphere and friendly crowd, Tony Roma's has an all-around great menu that is filled with ribs, steaks and yes - burgers! Tony Roma's is not just specific to Perth, as there are locations throughout the world. And for good reason, as the restaurant offers a burger for everyone's taste, with such selections as pure-beef steakhouse burgers and bleu cheese burgers. The toppings are plentiful and make the sandwiches even more delicious, with such selections as Havarti cheeses, caramelized onions and chipotle sauces. And while the prices are moderate, most agree that for the size and quality of the burgers, the cost is well worth it.

Alfred's Kitchen

Alfred's Kitchen always has a crowd, and it's no surprise why. With gourmet burgers that cost under $10, the restaurant focuses on what tastes good - not exactly what's healthy! But that's what burger lovers enjoy most about the sandwich joint; they can get a great tasting burger that's dripping with juices and melted cheeses. Instead of trying to keep up with the gourmet burger bars, Alfred's Kitchen keeps their burgers rather simple and focuses on quality meat selections, melted cheeses and the freshest produce. A plain white bun or sourdough bread is what the burgers are served on, and to keep consistent with their "simple" image, the sandwiches can be served to-go, wrapped in white paper and brown paper bags. Burger lovers agree that Alfred's Kitchen is the perfect balance between fast food chains and gourmet burger bars.

Gourmet Burger Bar

A newer addition to Perth's burger joints, the Gourmet Burger Bar offers up delicious, fiery burgers. The restaurant prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and homemade sauces that turn every gourmet sandwich into something worth talking about. Being a burger bar, the menu features a large variety of sandwiches and unique toppings such as Brie cheese, baby spinach and aioli. To keep consistent with high quality ingredients, the Gourmet Burger Bar also includes such selections as free range eggs, roma tomatoes and fresh mint. All burgers are made from Prime Australian Beef and served with a large bowl of chips.

Secret Garden

With a menu that's packed with breakfast, lunch and dinner items, Secret Garden is the best place for variety. The burgers are the high point of the menu and are served on a toasted bun and chunky chips with the potato skins left on. The sandwiches are meaty and filling, topped with melted cheeses and fresh produce. The Moroccan burger is the most popular selection and comes with tasty Swiss cheese and caramelized onions. Along with the sandwiches comes a friendly and casual setting that is meant to feel like home. Locals agree that the prices are reasonable for the quality and taste of the food.

Burger Edge

Burger Edge is known for being one of Australia's fastest growing gourmet burger franchises. They focus on quality service and delicious food at a value, but don't sacrifice the honesty of the ingredients. With wholesome meats, breads and produce, the burgers have a fresh taste that relies on the quality of the meat, as well as a few spices. The burgers are served up on fresh sourdough rolls, with cold veggies and melted cheeses. There are options for vegetarians as well, including the popular lentil patty that packs in the juices. As an added bonus, the sourdough buns are gluten free, or you can opt for the tortilla wrap.