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Perth's Best cheap eats

Don't think you need to empty your wallet for a decent meal in the Perth area. While many restaurants are a bit pricey, there are plenty of cheap eats to enjoy as well. These places are perfect for indulgent dishes that come at a value, and never sacrifice the quality of ingredients or taste of the foods. Since not all cheap eats are created equal, we've got seven of the best restaurants and cafes that you – and your pocketbook – will love!

Jessie's Curry Kitchen

Jessie's is a great place to come when you're looking for something other than a juicy burger. Serving up Indian and Malaysian cuisine, the menu is unique and full of new foods to try. Best of all, the food comes at an extreme value, as the portions are large and the prices just right. And, for a reasonable cost, you can treat yourself to authentic Indian and Malaysian foods such as dosai and chicken curry. Even with a menu that has a specific focus, there's plenty to choose from, even for the vegetarian set. There are meal options for under $10 that give you everything you could imagine, including curry, rice, pappadum, yoghurt and mango chutney! Being owned by Jessie herself, you'll find that she takes great pride in the outcome of her food service. With the large portion sizes, don't be surprised if you come home with a doggy bag full of food for another meal!

Taka's Kitchen

Taka's Kitchen is known for their scrumptious Japanese food selections that come at a value. The prices are inexpensive to begin with, and you get large portions of food making the dishes even more economical. Many meals are under $10 and you can get tasty pieces of sushi, takoyaki, miso soup and rice for under $20. Taka's Kitchen is laidback and casual instead of being a fine dining atmosphere. Many customers come for the 10 piece sushi rolls that cost under $9 and are one of the best deals in the Perth area on rolls. Plus, for the same price as you’d pay at a fast food joint, you get delicious tasting food using healthy ingredients.

Cabin Fever

This little hidden café serves up flavoursome coffee selections, as well as a diverse menu that offers cakes, loafs and muffin treats. The prices are affordable and many customers love coming with a pal, sipping on coffee and sharing a treat for less than $10. Most of the cakes and sweets are $5, so you can spend hours at this small café without spending much money. The atmosphere is cosy and welcoming, and the crowd is always friendly, which adds to the idea of wanting to sit and relax at the restaurant. The 50s décor makes Cabin Fever feel even more quaint, and there are menu items that are gluten- and meat-free.

Frisk Espresso

This late-night coffee bar offers a tasty menu that includes cakes, cupcakes and sandwiches. Though there are not many choices for vegetarians, meat lovers will find kebabs and sandwiches to enjoy any time of the day. The café is reasonably priced and open late hours, making it convenient for people who are out at night. Even better, Frisk Espresso is a great place to come for coffee, and the Coffee Loyalty program gets you a free cup after purchasing ten cups. Not only will you enjoy a simple and flavoursome menu with coffee drinks to splurge on, but the décor is super stylish and makes this café a cheap eat that you can't pass up!

Alfred's Kitchen

Alfred's Kitchen is a popular restaurant no matter which time of the year it is, and the late hours make it a convenient place for anyone to eat. In fact, Alfred's Kitchen is the longest running roadside hamburger kitchen, and you can't miss it with the open fire and wood-burning stoves. But this restaurant is more than just fun and good times; they also have great foods at reasonable prices. The soups and burgers are especially economical, as you can get a large bowl of soup for $5.00, and it's very delicious. The burgers use fine selections of beef and never skimp on the produce, and customers love that you can get a step up from fast food for a similar price.

The Red Pepper

If you're looking for the freshest rolls in West Perth, The Red Pepper is the place to come! This little café may be small, but it's always busy and has built up a reputation for having delicious Turkish rolls and sandwiches. Open for breakfast and lunch, The Red Pepper has an appetising menu with the majority of options costing under $10. The café is designed around convenience, as people on their way to work can stop in for a quick egg sandwich at a cheap cost, while getting a great start to their day. The Red Pepper also offers catering packages for early meetings at the office. If you happen to pass by this lunch bar in the West Perth food court, be sure to stop by for great food at a cheap cost.

Eureka Chinese Restaurant

If you love Chinese food, then Eureka Chinese Restaurant will be your new favourite place to come! With awesome food selections and reasonable prices, this restaurant is a popular place to come for authentic Chinese food. The restaurant is quite small and always busy, so you can opt to bring the food home instead of dining at the restaurant. Some of the cheapest dinners include the Roast Duck, Prosperous Fragrant Chicken and Three Shredded Eggplant. Most mains are under $15 and the portion sizes are large, which means you may even have enough food for another meal!